You asked for it, you got it!

Mad Hops is fast approaching the two-year anniversary of the launch our website at Over the past 2 years we have sold and shipped Mad Hops all over the place!

  • 47 of 50 US states!
  • 22 countries (including far off places like Nepal, India and Australia)

When we launched the company our first goal was to encourage people to try all 6 of our original flavors. We gave away tens of thousands of Mad Hops samples at beer festivals across America and right away discovered that people were often surprised at which flavors they enjoyed the most. Die-hard craft beer lovers couldn’t believe they liked Wild Blueberry so much! People who didn’t think they liked craft beer were amazed how much hoppy goodness a little squirt of our Pale Ale added to their Bud Light.

That’s why we initially offered Mad Hops online in a Variety 6-pack. Thousands have taken advantage of that introductory offer. Thank you everyone!

Well, a 6-pack doesn’t really work anymore because we recently added 2 great new flavors – Belgian Orange and Northwest IPA. (They’re awesome by the way!) We discontinued the 6-pack and now offer these 3 volume orders:

  • Variety 8-pack – all flavors
  • Craft 4-pack – if you only want the craft beer flavors
  • Fruity 4-pack – to liven up those boring beers (especially light beers!)

But we’re not done yet!

  1. The price of a single bottle is now $5.99. Those of you who already know what flavors you like can now order as many as you please at that discounted price.
  2. Our new flavors are now available in single bottles.  NW IPA and Belgian Orange were initially available only in the Craft and Fruity 4-packs. We’ve been overwhelmed with requests to make them available as singles. We have finally done that!
  3. Free Shipping for orders of $20 or above.

Our Variety 6-packs are still available on Amazon in Canada.

Tons of new and exciting stuff coming soon at Mad Hops….2018 is going to be a wild ride!

Cheers, Peter

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