For the past 2 years, Mad Hops has solved problems for beer drinkers left behind by the beer industry. Our tradition of innovation continues with the introduction of Mad Hops With CBD. We are excited to report that our customers are among the first people in the world to enjoy CBD-enhanced beer!

Adding CBD to Beer

For years Mad Hops has been transforming ordinary beers into IPAs, Pale Ales, Irish Porters and 5 fruit flavors. Now you can infuse any regular or light beer with Mad Hops and get a dose of high-quality, full spectrum, water soluble CBD along with improved flavor, aroma and color.

Mad Hops With CBD comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. That way you can make sure each 12-oz beer gets exactly 5 milligrams of CBD. A full daily dose of CBD is between 10 and 15 mg, so if you drink 2 or 3 beers you will get the perfect amount. With 75 mg, each bottle flavors 15 beers.

Adding CBD to Craft Beer

Mad Hops is also for the first time offering a product intended for craft beer. Hemp & Hops is specially formulated to infuse craft beer with CBD while respecting the beer’s flavor integrity.  By adding our proprietary hop aroma & bittering fractions and hop terpenes, we mask the “weedy” aroma of CBD.

Our Help & Hops product is double-strength, with 150 mgs of CBD in every bottle.

So, does it get you high? No, not really. But hemp and hops are closely related plants, and many of our customers report that CBD infused in beer has some enhanced effects.

What is Mad Hops?

Made from all-natural craft beer ingredients and flavorings, Mad Hops Beer Infusion delivers craft beer flavor profiles at a fraction of the cost. For light beer drinkers, we make inexpensive domestic brands taste great but only add 5 calories.

A small squirt of all-natural Mad Hops Flavored Beer Drops instantly transforms the color, aroma and taste of an everyday beer. For budget beer lovers we deliver craft beer flavor profiles at a fraction of the cost. For light beer drinkers, we make those inexpensive domestic brands taste great without the high calorie count and extra alcohol.

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