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For the past 2 years, Mad Hops has solved problems for beer drinkers left behind by the beer industry. A small squirt of Mad Hops Flavored Beer Drops into an everyday beer instantly transforms its color, aroma and flavor. For the budget beer lovers we deliver craft beer flavor profiles at a fraction of the cost. For light beer drinkers, we make those inexpensive domestic brands taste great without the high calorie count and extra alcohol.

Our tradition of innovation continues with the introduction of Mad Hops With CBD. Now legal from coast to coast, people are using Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, for its many health benefits. Among other things, CBD lowers stress and anxiety and relieves pain in joints.

Because it is important to use the right amount of CBD, for this product we are offering Mad Hops in a glass bottle with a dropper. That makes it easy to ensure that each 12-oz beer gets exactly 5 milligrams of CBD. A full dose is between 10 and 15 mg, so if you drink 2 or 3 beers (and who doesn’t like to do that!) you will get the perfect amount of CBD.

As an older guy I can tell you it works, and I have to admit I was a skeptic. The effects on my tired lower back and joints are almost immediate. Try it for yourself!

You can purchase Mad Hops with CBD right now.


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