American Pale Ale

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Clean, citrusy hops flavor and refreshing hops aroma. Amber color and awesome drinkability. How do we fit such a classic taste in such a small drop?

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10 reviews for American Pale Ale

  1. Steve

    Delicious! Very hoppy and flavorful.

  2. Bill

    American Pale Ale was my favorite from the Variety 6-Pack. Really transforms your PBR into something much more drinkable!

  3. Mitch

    I’m not an IPA guy, but if they all tasted like this I’d be a huge fan.

  4. Gene Farmer (verified owner)

    Amazing!! This is a game changer for cheap beer. It turned my cheap light beer into a hoppy sessionable pale ale and without all the added calories!! Love it!!!!

  5. Orendael

    My second favorite out of all of them. Not sweet like the fruit flavors, just something that makes a plain beer taste expensive and a lot better than before. Great to mix with the blueberry!

  6. Craig (verified owner)

    While it doesn’t remind me of an American Pale Ale, it might make a cheap beer taste more palatable.

  7. Natalie

    The only thing I miss when I’m dating is a good IPAA. Now I can have my beer and drink it too!! This product turns a terrible awful Michelob ultra into something palatable and almost taste like a pretty decent IPA if you close your eyes. I don’t have to suffer on my low carb diet!!! Thanks

  8. Ronnie

    Oh my goodness! I can’t believe it’s a Bud Light… i’m re-ordering today!

  9. Fred (verified owner)

    Makes a lager or light beer taste palatable. Great when stuck at a party and all they have on tap is a light beer.

  10. greg

    Awesome Beer!!!!

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