Apple Amber Ale

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Refreshing and sweet upgrade with smooth hops overtones. You’ll think you’re drinking a hard cider!

“Mad Hops does make [a budget beer] look, smell and taste better… “ Bill Cord,

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5 reviews for Apple Amber Ale

  1. Olivia Peel

    Apple Amber tasted like an apple cider, kind of like an Angry Orchard! I would rank it one of my top three favorites.

  2. Focus on the Beer

    We expected, based on the aroma, for the beer to have a cloying sweetness, but surprisingly the Apple Amber Drops added zero sweetness. The result was more dry and bitter, closer to a dry cider than we expected. –

  3. Mitch

    This is my second favorite. I love the cider taste.

  4. Orendael

    I love ciders, so I was a bit skeptical of this one, but it actually does the job really well. Not too sweet or artificial, and lack of a stomach ache or hangover as I tend to get from ciders.

  5. Nicole H.

    The apple amber is the most popular at my game nights. I always will get out my six pack of mad hops and this always seems to my the one that gets used the most. Tastes just like cider!

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