Wild Blueberry

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A combination of creamy hops and fruity, blueberry flavors. A very cool color too!

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5 reviews for Wild Blueberry

  1. Jordan


  2. Mitch

    I like Blueberries, and have tried a dozen or more Blueberry beers. This is the first one that gets it right.

  3. Andrew Borchert

    Blueberry is one of my favorites. Just an outstanding balance of flavors.

  4. Orendael

    Hands down my favorite of all the flavors. Mix it with the pale ale and I swear it turns Bud Light into EBC Blueberry, which is my favorite beer. Love it, and all my friends love it too!

  5. Katie H

    Blueberry is my favorite! I take it with me whenever I go out to a bar with my friends. Transforms both the taste and color!

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