Irish Porter

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Dark, bold flavors of hops, chocolate and coffee. A real grown up flavor!

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10 reviews for Irish Porter

  1. Dave

    Keep on Rockin It !!!

  2. Samurai Artist

    “It is fascinating to be able to transform an existing beer into an entirely different style, like with the Irish Porter flavor.” – New School Beer,

  3. Rachael

    Love the Irish Porter. It’s my favorite Mad Hops flavor!

  4. Cory

    The best porter I’ve ever had. Mad Hops is Genius!!!

  5. Mitch

    This is my favorite. It has the perfect amount of coffee and chocolate flavor.

  6. Carola

    Porter has a deep coffee flavor–so good!!

  7. Andrew Borchert

    The Irish Porter was absolutely wonderful. Beautiful notes of coffee, it even changed the head on the beer to look like a porter!

  8. Orendael

    Crazy how much this one changes a plain beer. The color and smell are completely different, and it tastes of coffee and chocolate. Love this!

  9. Craig (verified owner)

    This adds coffee and chocolate flavors without increasing the maltiness or bitterness that one would expect with a porter.

  10. Jack Jenkins

    I put a small squirt into my Clausthaler dry-hopped non-alcoholic beer (which for N/A almost tastes like real beer already) and with that bit of added color and aroma it makes abstaining from the real thing pretty much OK.

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